We say thank you ...

We would like to express a special thanks

to our friends and acquaintances who supported us to create our website. Without you we would not have done it so great!


Thanks a lot particular to


Miloslav Jochmann (Czech Republic) for the fantastic photos from the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. Miloslav is a full blood banker, but as a photographer he is still much more gifted. Hat off, we envy you for your talent.



Peter Kruse (Germany) for your active support in the creation of our website. Simple and clear structure, meaningful texts - we now understand it thanks to you.


Kerry Ford and Alice Susan Ford (Great Britain) for your support on the English version of our website. Thanks for the corrections and suggestions! We hope to see you again soon…


Valentin Combat, Thomas Drouart and Amaury Perrin (France) for the pictures of Mount Meru, thank you guys !


Markus Bauer (Germany), also for the great pictures of Mount Meru. And not only for that - you, Andi, Carmen and Christine deserve a very special thanks, you know why :).


Klaus Bakker (Germany) for the photos from your family safari with Twanga Touring. You can be proud of your pictures and your family. Karibu tena !


Franziska Sperb (Switzerland), thanks for your pictures of Lake Natron. Maybe we'll see each other in Switzerland... 


Alex Riemer (Germany) for the great drone picture from Lake Chala. We didn't even know that the Federal Foreign Office has such talented drone pilots :).


Jiří Forejt (Czech Republic) for your graphic support and the great logo. We love it !


Finally, we would like to thank our guides for their contributions to our travel descriptions and for the photos you have contributed. Asante sana!