Gavrilo's Monkey Paradise

Visit one of the favorite places of our co-owner Gavrilo near Moshi. A still unknown oasis with many monkeys and various bird species.

Blue monkey Tanzania


The drive to this small oasis, which is located along a river with springs, takes about 45 minutes from Moshi. We leave Moshi already around 8 am, then it is still quiet and the monkeys feel undisturbed by the people in the nearby fields.


We walk along the small river and make a stop where the monkeys are. With a little luck we will see a lot of baboons as well as some blue monkeys and maybe also some colobus monkeys. The surrounding trees with their fruits are an important food source for the monkeys. If we behave calmly, we can observe the monkeys in their family life and admire their artistic tricks in the trees. Of course, the oasis also attracts a variety of bird species, sometimes a few birds of prey roam nearby hunting for their prey. Occasionally you can see a few mongooses.


After thoroughly enjoying the tranquility of the oasis and our monkey watching, we fortify ourselves in the nearby village with a morning soup and chapati (flatbread). Around noon we will be back in Moshi.


The place is very little visited, it has not been discovered yet by any other tour operator. The animals are therefore still relatively undisturbed. To keep it that way, we deliberately refrain from giving an exact description of the location.


Prices / included services

Prices for the excursion to Gavrilos Monkey Paradise
1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons
75 USD 55 USD 45 USD 40 USD 35 USD

Note: The trip is limited to a maximum of 5 participants, so we do not disturb the monkeys in their natural environment too much. The minimum age is 12 years. The departure can also take place from another place (Arusha, Machame, Marangu, Kilimanjaro International Airport etc.), on request we will inform you on the price for the transport. Please bring solid shoes (with socks) and long pants for the walk. We also recommend to apply a mosquito repellent.


The tour price also includes a donation to the nearby village. The donations benefit among other things the village school. In addition, the donations will be used to pay those villagers who will ensure the preservation of the oasis (for example to prevent illegal logging).


All prices are based on USD and include: English speaking guide, private transport from / to Moshi, traditional local breakfast, bottled water.


The above mentioned rates are only valid for a group that has booked together and are independent of the total number of participants in the tour.


You may pay for this tour in USD or equivalent in TZS (Tanzanian Shillings) on the date of the tour in cash. Please be aware that USD minted in 2006 or prior will not be accepted.