Marangu Village & Lake Chala Tour

A full day tour with many impressions - Chagga caves, the Kilasiya Waterfall, Lake Chala and other sights wants to be explored by you


You will be picked up in Moshi in the morning by our English-speaking guide. Your tour will lead you first to the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate in Marangu, the drive takes approximately one hour.


The Marangu Gate (1860m) is the starting point of the Marangu route, one of the most popular routes to the top of Kilimanjaro. Here you will get from your guide a brief introduction to the history of Kilimanjaro, the beginnings of its ascent and the individual routes to the summit. During your visit at the gate you also have the opportunity to observe the mountaineers in their preparations. Afterwards, we will take a short hike to a nearby valley with a small waterfall, which the locals call the "evergreen valley".


After the hike it is time to learn more about the history of the Chagga tribe. You will visit the caves dug by the Chagga during the wars with the Maasai some 200 years ago. The caves were used to hide the children and women during the Maasai attacks. During the excursion you will also have the opportunity to visit a replica of a traditional Chagga house.


Before having lunch at one of the local restaurants, you will visit the very beautiful Kilasiya Waterfall. The short but exhausiting trail is worth the effort. After lunch it is time to head to Lake Chala. The ride takes about one hour and leads over bumpy slopes through small villages, on the way you have beautiful views of the surroundings.


Lake Chala is on the border beween Tanzania and Kenya, the boundary runs through the middle of the lake. The lake is a water-filled caldera that was formed after volcanic activity caused it to collapse. The crater itself is 3km in length and 2.4km wide, with a surface area of about 4.2km². The depth of the lake is between 70 to 90m with the walls almost vertical and as high as a 100m in some places.


Upon arrival you will first go with your guide on a one hour walk through the bushland at the northwest side of the lake. The hike leads through a seasonally dried riverbed, where the water has eroded the walls into beautiful shapes, on the way you will also pass a crater. During the hike you can spot various bird species and with some luck also small mammals such as blue monkeys, baboons or dik-dik. The lake is close to Tsavo National Park , sometimes you might be able to see elephants that migrate back and forth between Kenya and Tanzania.


The hike then leads you down the steep crater walls to the lake. The walk is very scenic with great views of the lake and the lush vegetation. At the lake it is time to relax a bit. Swimming in the lake is possible, but we advise you to stay close to the shore. After having sufficiently rested and enjoyed the view of the lake, it is time to return to Moshi, where we will arrive late in the afternoon.

Prices / included services

Pricing for the Marangu Village and Lake Chala Tour (per person)
1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons and more
210 USD 140 USD 125 USD 105 USD 95 USD

Note: This day tour is not exhausting, but requires a certain fitness and surefootedness. The way to the Kilasiya Waterfall and Lake Chala leads partially over small and steeper paths.

All prices are based on USD and include: English speaking guide, private transport from / to Moshi, hot lunch, bottled water and all entry fees.


The above mentioned rates are only valid for a group that has booked together and are independent of the total number of participants in the tour. For children the following discounts apply: 1 child under 5 years 100% (further children under 5 years 50 %), 5-12 years: 50%. Children with a 100% discount are not included in the total number of the group. The stated children's discounts are limited to 2 children per group. If more children (up to and including 12 years) travel with the group, we are gladly prepared to make you an individual offer.


You may pay for this tour in USD or equivalent in TZS (Tanzanian Shillings) on the date of the tour in cash. Please be aware that USD minted in 2006 or prior will not be accepted.